Introducing SproutSitter

(Patent Pending)

Meet Your Plant's New Best Friend

SproutSitter is not just a wireless plant monitor; it’s your plant’s personal companion designed to make plant parenting a breeze. We get it, keeping your leafy friends happy and thriving can be a challenge, especially if you’ve got a busy schedule or a history of forgetful watering.

Understanding Your Plant, Simplified.

SproutSitter comes with a built-in display that brings your plant to life. No more guessing games – if your plant is feeling a bit parched, SproutSitter will show a cute panting animation, giving you a clear signal it’s time for a drink. And if you’ve accidentally drowned it in love (aka water), the display will express a concerned face, letting you know it needs some time to recover.

SproutSitter Features

Senses Enviroment

Equipped with a soil moisture sensor, light sensor, and air temperature sensor, SproutSitter ensures you know your plants enviroment.

Wireless Connection

SproutSitter can connect to your smart phone allowing you to view it’s sensor data from an app!

Displays Emotions

Displays various animations on it’s screen. Personifies the plant, making it easy to understand what it needs.

The Joy of Plant Care!

SproutSitter doesn’t just provide information; it turns plant care into an enjoyable experience. The playful animations on the display make taking care of your plant feel like a delightful journey, turning even the most novice plant parent into a pro.

Why SproutSitter? Because Your Plant Deserves the Best!

SproutSitter isn’t just a device; it’s your partner in making plant care simple. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your green journey, SproutSitter is here to make sure every plant parent feels confident and capable.

Where can I buy one?

The SproutSitter is currently in the early prototype phase. To raise the funds necessary to manufacture it we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign early next year. Get notified when we launch by subscribing to our newsletter for updates. Share SproutSitter with your friends to help us meet our goal!

About Us

Hey there, I’m Lilly, the brains and heart behind SproutMoji, and the proud inventor of SproutSitter. My mission is simple yet profound: I want to arm you with the best tools to elevate your plant parenting game. I invented SproutSitter to help others learn to better care for their plants.

At SproutMoji, we’re not in the business of mere transactions; we’re in the business of creating an experience. We’ve crafted SproutSitter with the vision of making plant care not just accessible but downright enjoyable. It’s about turning your plant-care routine into a seamless, user-friendly journey.

I firmly believe that every home deserves a touch of nature. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. With SproutMoji, I’m on a mission to bring that touch of greenery inside your home, ensuring that caring for your plants becomes a joyful and rewarding part of your everyday life. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or new to the world of houseplants, SproutMoji is here to guide you, support you, and make sure your plants thrive under your care.

We need your help! To make SproutSitter a reality, we need funds. We plan to launch our Kickstarter next year to get SproutSitter in your hands. Ready to embark on this plant-filled journey with me? Sign up for our newsletter for updates, and let’s grow together—one happy plant at a time.

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